APP prompt“offline”when you check the camera remotely.

Make sure your mobile phone and camera connect to same router (LAN), and then login Sricam App ,status dot showing Green 

or Yellow or Red as figure 1.


Green : Camera connects to internet(WAN), you can remote to watch live video by mobile data or wireless normally.

If you can not watch live video remotely. Here are solutions which 

may help you to shoot the issues:

1. Pls confirm your 4G network type is IPV6 or IPV4.the camera doesn't support IPV6


2. When you watch live video with HD mode,the real time transfer rate of bandwidth at lest 160 KB/s . If the network which camera connects is 

unstable,we suggest you change the App video mode from HD to SD or LD ,and close the audio to access a stable live stream. 


3. Too many wireless devices are connected to the same router which camera connected with.


4. The router's WIFI Channel needs to set as AUTO in order to avoid busy channels.


5. The router should enable TCP, UDP and  NAT feature. How to enable NAT feature, Please check:?


6. During a period of time, there are some abnormal problems on regional or international network node, causing exception between camera 

network and P2P server. You need to wait for a while to make it self-recovery. 



Yellow : Camera can not connect to internet, you can only watch the live video in local network,here are solutions which 

may help you to shoot the issue:


1). If your camera not obtain DNS from router ,you can set the DNS for the camera by following steps:

Settings -> Network Setting -> Manually ->set the DNS -> Save

After that please power the camera off and power on again to restart.


2). The router should enable TCP, UDP and  NAT feature. How to enable NAT feature, please check:


3). Disable VPN feature  on the router.


4). Email [email protected] for special firmware version to refresh the camera. 


Red : If the connection between the camera and the router is still off , or you can not watch live video by remote or local. 

Please try to reboot the router and the camera.


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Unified service hotline

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