In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, please purchase 

Sricam IP Camera through proper channels.

On the priciple of solving problems, we try to diagnose and solve your problem through the network, telephone or 

other remote online method. If the problem remains unresolved, you will enjoy the following service.

1. Within 30 days after receiving the product, product with quality problem by non-human factors.

1): If customer can solve the problem himself with Sricam’s support. We can arrange to send the free right accessory 

to customer, customer follow our technical support guide to fix up the camera’s problem.

2): If customer can’t solve the problem himself even with Sricam’s support. We will send free same model cameras to 

customer, customers do not need to return the camera to us, but customer need pay the freight charge.

3): If customer don’t want keep the camera, send the camera back to Sricam factory, after receiving the camera, 

Sricam will refund the full amount of this product to the customer. But if customer keep the camera, Sricam will refund

 half cost of this product to the customer.

2. More than 30 days but less than 2 years from receiving the product, product with quality problem by non-human factors.

1): Sricam sends corresponding accessory to customer, customer repairs under the guidance of Sricam engineer. Customer 

undertakes the round-trip expense. (Accessory can be charge according to actual conditions)

2): Customer returns the camera to the Sricam factory for free maintenance. The customer undertakes the round-trip expense.

3): Sricam sends the free corresponding accessory or same model camera to customer with customer next order.

(This is for long-term cooperative customer)


The above terms do not include special promotional products.

Customer Service

Monday - Saturday

9:00-18:00 Beijing Time (UTC +8)

Skype ID: tech.sricam

E-Mail: [email protected]

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